Hiring a vCIO provides you with 

  • Technological strategies and roadmaps
  • Evaluation of current technology alignment
  • Lean solutions to IT Infrastructure problems
  • Technology budget management 
  • Cyber security/data protection oversight
  • Guidance on application of cutting-edge and emerging technology 
  • Drivers for change and process improvement
  • Support for strategic vendor relationships 
  • An experienced mentor that has deep insight into how various companies grow and fail

Is a vCIO right for you?

  • Are you unsure of which applications you’re actually using, and which you’re wasting money on?

  • Do you have a long term plan on how IT will be integrated into your business structure? 

  • Would you benefit from an objective, outside analysis of possible overlooked issues?

  • Are you apprehensive of expansion due to costs of a full time C Suite team?

Our Mission Statement

​CAPB LLC is dedicated to the furtherance of modern technological aptitude among individuals and businesses alike. We believe that access to high level technological solutions in this modern age should not be limited strictly to large corporations, and tirelessly strive to level the playing field by giving our customers the skills required to thrive in today’s demanding and complex digital work environment. 

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Founded by Alexandre Haussmann, CAPB LLC has been servicing individuals, as well as small to medium-sized businesses for years and most of our original clients still work with us to this day.


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